October 10, 2015

Our Quality

We want you to feel good about the choices you make, because it's all connected. That's why, when it comes to the quality of our products, we don't compromise—for you or our planet.

With Ziingles, we use only the finest organically cultivated and sustainably wild-harvested herbs, picked and processed at their peak of potency, and we do not use endangered or at-risk plants from the wild. Additionally, our herbs are never fumigated, irradiated, or sprayed with pesticides or herbicides.

The water used for preparing our herbal extracts undergoes a 9-step filtration and purification process to create an ultra-pure water. The alcohol used is made from non-genetically modified corn, ensuring that Ziingles is gluten-free, and our vegetable glycerin is derived from sustainably grown, SGS-certified palm fruit kernels.

Vegan | Gluten-free | GMO-free | Sugar-free | Kosher | No artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives | No fluoride | No parabens

GMP Manufacturing

Our manufacturing partner is an FDA-registered, GMP-certified, and Certified Organic Goods (COG) facility, and has been in operation for over three decades.

bettertransparent-microcopeQuality control regulations known as Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) are strictly adhered to during every stage of the process, with documentation of each step maintained from start to finish.

Upon arrival at the facility, all raw materials are placed in quarantine where they undergo identity and purity testing to ensure correct botanical identification and to rule out adulteration. All finished products undergo rigorous quality assurance testing including microbiological and heavy metal analysis, and sample retention for stability.

Why do we bottle in glass?

It would be considerably less expensive to bottle our product in plastic, but then we would not be providing you with the highest quality and safety available. We believe your health should not be compromised by a corporate bottom line. Glass is the only packaging material that the FDA ranks as "Generally Regarded As Safe" (GRAS). 

Classic and time-tested, amber glass is inert—chemically nonreactive—and impermeable to oxygen, so it doesn’t interfere with or degrade any of the ingredients in Ziingles or diminish their therapeutic benefits. Our carefully selected herbs maintain their purity, quality, and integrity, and the natural flavors we use remain true—not tainted with a ‘plastic taste.’

Glass also remains one of the most recyclable of packaging materials. It is made of a single material, which reduces energy and waste during production—and, when recycled, less by-products and waste are generated compared to plastics.

We're committed to providing you with the finest products possible—and that includes the packaging.


Just as our premium herbs are of the highest quality, so too are the pure, natural solvents that we use for extraction: water, alcohol, and vegetable glycerin.

Each herb in Ziingles undergoes a dual-extraction process—an initial 24-hour maceration followed by cold-drip percolation—using precise concentrations and proportions of solvents and herbs to ensure the most potent and energetic extracts available.


Some of our extracts then undergo a secondary phase in which the alcohol is gently removed and replaced with pure vegetable glycerin.

Once the extractions are complete, the individual herbs are then combined in optimal proportions to create a synergistic, potent whole that is appreciably greater than the sum of its parts.


There are a lot of dry mouth sprays and other types of dry mouth products in the marketplace. None, however, are designed to provide truly natural, herbal-based dry mouth relief. 

Ziingles is conscientiously formulated to support your body’s natural salivation process, providing a powerfully effective dry mouth solution. 


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