Why is Saliva Important for My Health and Wellbeing?

When in full health, our mouth and throat are continuously moistened by salivary gland secretions.

Along with keeping our mouth hydrated and feeling comfortable, saliva is vital for maintaining oral health: it's essential for the prevention of bacterial overgrowth that can lead to plaque formation and dental caries; it provides lubrication of the mouth and throat to aid in swallowing; and it helps maintain mineralization of the teeth. Saliva also contains enzymes which initiate the digestion of food, and antibodies that help keep our immune system strong.

Saliva plays an essential role in our overall health, one which is often unrecognized until its production is compromised.


The DRY Mouth Solution


Xerostomia (dry mouth) is an increasingly common condition that affects the wellbeing of tens of millions of people. You may be one.

A conservative estimate of prevalence in the adult population is 20%, with increased prevalences in females (up to 30%) and those 65 and older (40%).

"Drug-induced dry mouth is the most common cause, due to the number of individuals over 65 being on at least one medication that causes diminished salivary gland function." Source: The Journal of The American Dental Association

Why is Dry Mouth Detrimental to My Health?

From the mildly annoying to the extremely painful, dry mouth is a notably undesirable situation with far-reaching, negative consequences for our entire wellbeing.


The DRY Mouth Solution

Is Ziingles effective for dry mouth (xerostomia) caused by medications?

Yes. Ziingles brings immediate relief to medication-induced xerostomia.

For individuals taking prescription medications, especially multiple prescriptions, dry mouth side effect is extremely common.

“Over 500medications produce xerostomia as a side effect. Sixty-three percent of the top 200 most commonly prescribed drugs in the United States are xerogenic.

"The likelihood of xerostomia increases in relation to the total number of medications taken, whether the individual medications are xerogenic or not. The sensation of dryness usually starts shortly after starting the offending medication or after increasing the dose. Anticholinergic, sympathomimetic, or diuretic drugs are usually responsible.”
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xerostomia (August 17, 2015).

With its unique formulation of powerful sialogogue (saliva-inducing) herbs, Z!!NGLES supports the body's own production of saliva to quickly and naturally rehydrate and moisturize the mouth.

My Doctor Prescribed Medication to Increase My Saliva Flow. Can I Use Ziingles Instead?

Many common prescription medications used to increase saliva flow have undesirable side effects such as excessive sweating or nausea, or more dangerous risks such as arrhythmia.

Ziingles offers a natural and holistic option to support your body's innate salivation process and optimize your oral care.

We encourage you to discuss with your doctor whether Ziingles may be suitable for you; however, we cannot recommend that you discontinue any medication you may have been prescribed.

The DRY Mouth Solution

What about cannabis-induced “cotton mouth”?

Cotton Mouth Relief

Cannabis is an extraordinary plant and a wonderful medicine. But even cannabis has an undesirable side effect that can detract from its benefits. Colloquially known as 'cotton mouth,' cannabis-induced dry mouth affects virtually everyone who consumes cannabis, whether medicinally or recreationally, and whether by vaping, smoking, or eating it.

It was only in 2006 that scientists identified the mechanism behind cannabis-induced dry mouth. (See PubMed: "Inhibition of Salivary Secretion by Activation of Cannabinoid Receptors".)

Specific receptors within the salivary glands and the brain—endocannabinoid receptors—are activated by the phytocannabinoid THC in cannabis. When THC binds to our endocannabinoid receptors, the salivary glands are inhibited from receiving their customary message to produce saliva.

Ziingles provides a potent herbal counterbalance to the uncomfortable and ultimately harmful side effect of cotton mouth.

Can Ziingles Help Sjögren’s Syndrome Sufferers?

Sjögren's syndrome is a chronic autoimmune inflammatory disease in which the body's white blood cells damage the moisture-producing glands of the body, including the salivary glands. This causes decreased saliva production and subsequent dry mouth (and complications thereof).

Approximately 4 million Americans are afflicted with Sjogren's syndrome. Because the disorder may be difficult to diagnose, the incidence of the disease may be considerably higher. Unfortunately, to date, there is no cure for Sjögren's syndrome, and treatment remains symptomatic—aimed at relieving the symptoms.

Ziingles offers effective relief for mild-to-moderate dry mouth associated with Sjögren's syndrome. With its unique formulation of powerful sialogogue herbs, Ziingles supports the body's own production of saliva to quickly and naturally rehydrate and moisturize the mouth.

The DRY Mouth Solution

My Sleep is Often Disrupted Because of Dry Mouth Discomfort. Can Ziingles Help?

Sleep plays an important role in our physical and mental health. Sleep deficiency is linked to an increased risk of heart disease, kidney disease, high blood pressure, diabetes,sleeperawakens-seventhrirty and stroke. On a psychological level, sleep relieves stress and helps us to consolidate memories, assisting us to learn and be more creative.

Saliva production is greatest during waking hours and naturally diminishes during sleep—dropping off to almost nothing. This process is regulated by our body's circadian rhythm. Having an extremely dry mouth during the night can cause you to awaken repeatedly, compromising your ability to get the zzz's you need to feel and be your best. Snoring or sleep apnea can further aggravate dry mouth at night. Having a glass of water beside your bed and taking the occasional sip will help somewhat, as may a humidifier if you live in a very dry climate.

Ziingles helps nighttime dry mouth by stimulating saliva production so that your mouth feels instantly moisturized and comfortable. Keep a bottle on your nightstand for fast-acting relief—and you can get back to getting the rest you need.

What are the Ingredients in Ziingles?

Organic Fresh Spilanthes flowering herb* (Spilanthes acmella)
Organic Fresh Echinacea angustifolia root*
Organic Fresh Marshmallow root* (Althaea officinalis)
Prickly Ash bark† (Zanthoxylum americanum)
Slippery Elm bark† (Ulmus fulva)
Organic Aloe Vera leaf* Extract (200:1) (Aloe vera)
Organic Licorice root* (Glycyrrhiza glabra)
Organic Fresh Ginger root* (Zingiber officinale)
Vegetable Glycerin
Deionized Water
Grain Alcohol
Natural Flavor/Essential Oil

*Certified Organic
†Sustainably Wild-Harvested

Vegan | Gluten-free | GMO-free | Sugar-free | Kosher | No artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives | No fluoride | No parabens

Manufactured in the USA in a GMP-certified facility.

Why Does Ziingles Contain Alcohol?

Ziingles contains a low amount (23%-33%) of alcohol in the finished product to preserve the full bioactivity and potency of its primary sialogogue herb, spilanthes.

During R&D of Ziingles, we compared versions of our proprietary formulation prepared with spilanthes as an alcohol extract, and versions with spilanthes prepared as a glycerite. We determined that the sialogogue action of our prototypes was significantly better when spilanthes was included as an alcohol extract, as compared to when it was included as a glycerite.

The low alcohol that remains in the finished product provides multiple benefits:

  • maintains the mouthwatering sialogogue action of spilanthol, a unique bioactive compound in spilanthes;
  • enhances absorption of Z!!NGLES into the body more quickly and effectively; and,
  • provides a natural preservative system, enabling us to avoid using undesirable artificial and chemical preservatives.

The DRY Mouth Solution

How does Ziingles Herbal Mouth Spray work?

Ziingles Hydrates

The remarkable ‘electric button’ plant, spilanthes, contains a special compound called spilanthol. This potent bioactive molecule creates a unique tingling and electrical 'buzzing' sensation upon the tongue and mouth, and stimulates the salivary glands to produce and release more saliva.

Prickly ash and echinacea contain similar sialogogue (saliva-inducing) compounds called alkylamides.

Ziingles Soothes

Demulcent herbs are rich in mucilage, a gel-like substance composed of proteins and polysaccharides. If you’ve ever cut open a fresh aloe leaf and applied the inner gel to a burn, you’ll have experienced the characteristic quality of a demulcent.

Marshmallow root (a favorite of the ancient Egyptians), slippery elm (traditionally used by many North American First Nations), aloe vera, and licorice root are natural demulcent herbs that soothe the mucous membranes of the mouth and throat to relieve dryness and ease swallowing.

Ziingles Protects

Xylitol is a naturally sweet, sugar-free (safe for diabetics) compound derived from the fibrous parts of certain plants. Bacteria in our mouth are unable to break down xylitol like they do regular sugar, thereby decreasing their growth and production of plaque-promoting acids. Xylitol also prevents bacteria from sticking to our teeth, further reducing plaque formation.

Xylitol encourages saliva flow, protects teeth from dental caries, and promotes oral health.

Ziingles Delights

We’re evolutionarily hardwired to respond positively to the flavor of sweet, as well as to flavors that we perceive as delicious. As the tastebuds upon our tongue detect a sweet or delectable flavor, an instantaneous 'blossoming' of pleasure is released within the brain and body. When one is dealing with the discomfort of dry mouth (or other ailments), a pleasurable experience can be therapeutic in and of itself.

With its tasty and all-natural flavors, Ziingles is a mouthwatering experience to be delighted in!


How do I use Ziingles most effectively?

If this is your first time using Ziingles, we suggest to start conservatively, with just one spray. You may be surprised at how little you need!

Shake your bottle well and then spray once, directly into your mouth. Hold for 15-30 seconds, swirling the herbal around inside of your mouth to coat all of the oral surfaces, before swallowing.

A slight tingling or 'electrical' sensation is completely normal and a sign that the herbs are working to activate their refreshing flow of saliva! This sensation will subside after a few minutes. If you would prefer less 'intensity' of the tingle sensation, simply spray Ziingles into a small amount of water or juice, and hold in your mouth for 15-30 seconds before swallowing.

If you would like more saliva release, repeat with another one-to-two sprays. The amount and frequency of use depends upon your individual needs, including the severity of your dry mouth.

Can’t I just drink a glass of water to relieve my dry mouth?

Xerostomia (dry mouth) is not caused by simple dehydration, but rather is a result of impaired salivation. A glass of water may help temporarily, however, your dry mouth will soon return.

With its proprietary blend of sialogogue (saliva-inducing) herbs, Ziingles reliably moisturizes your mouth by encouraging your body’s natural saliva production.


If you use Ziingles a couple of times a day, three sprays each time, one bottle (2 fl oz) will last you two months—longer if you use only one-to-two sprays each time. There are almost 360 sprays per 2 fl oz bottle.

Some may want to use Ziingles more frequently, while others may need it only occasionally—it depends upon your personal needs. We encourage you to experiment to find out what works best for you!

Do I need to refrigerate Ziingles?

No—Ziingles has been formulated and packaged to retain its effectiveness and flavor without the need for refrigeration (though it's best to keep your bottle out of direct heat or sunlight). Refrigeration, however, won't harm Ziingles. You can keep it on your bedside table, on your desk, in your purse, or wherever you find most convenient.

Ziingles has a shelf-life of a minimum of 5 years from date of manufacture.

Can Ziingles be used regularly?

Yes! There is no build up or ‘tolerance’ to the ingredients in Ziingles. You’ll experience the same beneficial results no matter how many times you use it.

Additionally, the herbs in our formulations have been safely used by millions of humans for millennia.

Please note: If you are pregnant, nursing, taking any medications, or have any health condition, always consult your doctor before starting any herbal or dietary supplement.

Is it guaranteed?

Yes. We take great care and pride in the products we make, and our goal is for you to be genuinely happy with everything about Ziingles.

Please see our Refund Policy.

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