For Your Dry Mouth — Our Synergistic Formula

ZiiNGLES’ Synergistic Formulation Provides Benefits Beyond Dry Mouth Relief

It's Complicated — But In a Good Way!

One of the many advantages of herbs over single-chemical drugs is that they are complex and multidimensional. Each herb features a diverse array of compounds that affect the body simultaneously to provide multiple benefits.

And, when herbs are combined with one another, the element of herbal synergy also comes into play. Interactions amongst each plants’ multiple components occurs, potentiating the effect of the whole.

Protection From Airborne Viruses

Exposure to airborne viruses is inevitable, especially in crowded places such as airplanes and public transportation. Keep a bottle of ZiiNGLES handy when you’re flying or traveling to maintain healthy mouth and throat hydration, which can help protect from colds and flu.

You can also use ZiiNGLES when you feel a sore throat coming on, to combat it from developing further.

Professional Voice Care

Singers and public speakers, take note! ZiiNGLES is the ideal solution for the rigors of every professional singer, public speaker, teacher or voice-over artist. If your career demands you use your voice constantly, there’s no better way to protect it than with ZiiNGLES.

ZiiNGLES immediately and reliably encourages saliva flow to maintain mouth hydration, ease dry throat discomfort, and eliminate raspy hoarseness. Speak or sing with the secure certainty of feeling and sounding your most confident best.

Bad Breath?

Freshen your breath throughout the day—a quick spray or two before a meeting or a date, or during a workout, will enliven your mouth and refresh your breath.

Bad breath (halitosis) is something that we all experience from time-to-time; however, chronic halitosis can be an indicator of other underlying health issues—a visit to your doctor to find out the cause is recommended.


Saliva is vitally important for digestion, and ZiiNGLES helps to get yours flowing! Saliva provides lubrication for swallowing, contains enzymes that initiate the digestive process, and protects vitamin B12 from stomach acid. Use ZiiNGLES before or after a meal to help support healthy digestion.

Oral Health Extends Beyond The Mouth

The importance of oral health extends beyond the mouth. An interesting recent study suggests an association between oral health and Alzheimer disease: of those individuals with Alzheimer who also had gum disease, there was a six-fold increase in the rate of cognitive decline over a six-month period.


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