Vaping? Dry Mouth?


If you're a vaper or you use e-cigarettes, then you're likely familiar with the dry mouth that results.

Many E-liquids use propylene glycol (PG) in their manufacturing process. Propylene glycol molecules are hygroscopic, which means that they bond with water molecules. When you vape, water gets drawn out of your saliva due to the propylene glycol in the E-liquid, as well as out of the surrounding tissues of your mouth, gums, throat, and even your nose!

In addition to PG, nicotine in E-liquids is a vasoconstrictor — it hampers your salivary glands' ability to produce saliva and also constricts blood flow in the gums. Persistent vaping — especially of PG and nicotine blends — is reported to cause gum recession, gingivitis and periodontitis. Not at all a good thing.

Dry mouth is not only a discomfort that distracts from the pleasure that vaping may give, it is harmful to your oral health and, by extension, your overall health.

If you choose to vape, be vigilant about your oral health. Go to your dentist regularly and let her know of your vaping habit.

We also suggest that you add ZiiNGLES to your kit and use it regularly to assist in maintaining optimal oral health!


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