ZiiNGLES The Dry Mouth Solution and Xylitol

ZiiNGLES The Dry Mouth Solution

is formulated to solve your dry mouth problem and to optimally care for your overall oral health — that's why we include xylitol in our equation.




Xylitol is found widely in nature—most of the fruits and vegetables that we eat on a daily basis have small amounts of naturally-occurring xylitol in them. Xylitol is even produced by the human body in minute amounts!

Bacteria in our mouth, including the harmful plaque-producing bacteria, are unable to breakdown xylitol like they do regular sugar. It essentially 'starves' the undesirable micro-organisms that are often harbored in the mouth. This decreases their growth and thus production and accumulation of plaque which contributes to gum disease (gingivitis) and dental caries.

The xylitol used in ZiiNGLES is derived from nonGMO plant fiber sources to ensure purity and sustainability, and is safe and diabetic-friendly.


The dental benefits of xylitol were first discovered by Finnish scientists in 1970 and, since then, literally hundreds of studies have confirmed the initial findings.

Multiple additional studies utilizing electron microscopy have shown that xylitol is also highly effective in inducing remineralization of deeper layers of demineralized teeth enamel. This important feature is crucial for anyone who has dry mouth, as persistent dry mouth has been shown to lead to demineralization of the teeth. Demineralization makes the teeth more prone to progressive erosion and, consequently, to cavity formation. Cavities can also destroy the roots of teeth once these become exposed by gum recession—a very common condition in older adults.

In addition to its role in preventing gingivitis and tooth decay, xylitol also inhibits the growth of Streptococcus pneumoniae, a bacteria associated with pneumonia. In the elderly or immunocompromised, xylitol may provide additional benefit by helping to inhibit this bacteria.

At ZiiNGLES, we're herbalists and plant-people who embrace peer-reviewed science, and we're devoted to offering you the best holistic remedy for relieving your dry mouth and optimizing your oral care.

The verdict is out. Xylitol is excellent for your oral health.

Love Your Mouth, Dry Mouth Spray

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