Dry Mouth & ZiiNGLES — The Botanical Solution by Our Expert Formularist

“As a herbalist and natural health practitioner, I’m passionate about exploring our relationship with nature and the healing properties of plants.”

I’ve been involved in the field of herbal medicine for over two decades, both as a practitioner and a consultant to herbal and natural product companies—though my passion for plants arose much earlier than this. Growing up in a rural setting, a backyard of 40 acres of wilderness in the Coast Mountains of British Columbia offered no end of natural wonders to a curious young mind: majestic cedars shared their timeless wisdom as I sat beneath them, while the ‘weeds’ that I walked amongst became familiar companions and messengers of healing. The verdant beauty of these natural surroundings inspired in me a deep and abiding love and reverence for nature which grows stronger with each passing season.

Prior to a return to greener roots, a 10+ year career as a medical lab technologist provided me with valuable insights into the benefits—and shortcomings—of conventional medicine, along with a comprehensive understanding of how the body functions, both in health and in disease. It also instilled in me the desire to better understand our body’s innate wisdom and profound intelligence to heal—vis medicatrix naturae—and the integral role that plants occupy in this regard.

I’m thrilled to introduce Z!!NGLES to you! Please roam our site and learn the why’s and wherefore’s of our formula, starting with our research source page on spilanthes.

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Dry Mouth Spray, 3 Delectable Flavors

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