Holistic Wellbeing: Dry Mouth, Oral Health, and the Gateway of the Mouth


It is becoming increasingly well-documented that oral health is closely associated with the wellbeing of the entire body. Holistic medicine has always recognized this essential relationship. And when you think about it — it just makes sense. The oral cavity can be considered the primary doorway to the body itself, and what is happening in the mouth will be reflected one way or another within the house of the body.

Gum Disease Linked to Heart Disease and Stroke (WebMD)

Study Finds a Direct Association between Heart Disease and Periodontal Bacteria (NIDCR)

Treatment of Gum Disease May Lower Blood Sugar Levels in Type 2 Diabetes (Science Daily)

Presence of Gum Disease May Help Dentists and Physicians Identify Those at Increased Risk for Cardiovascular Disease (Columbia University)

How is it that your oral health is mirrored in the body? It’s as uncomplicated as this — bacteria from your gums travel throughout the pathways of the body!

Bacteria can enter the bloodstream, your Circulatory System, from the gums and journey to every part of your body. As the little nasties travel they can cause secondary infections or contribute to diseases already in place.

Your body’s Immune System will respond to gum disease, and that response can exacerbate other inflammation-related diseases (such as heart disease, diabetes, and even kidney failure).

Just breathing! Bacteria from gum disease can adhere to saliva droplets that you inhale, entering the Respiratory System. This can cause pulmonary infections and respiratory problems.

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