ZiiNGLES: The Most Sensational Thing that’s Happened to the Mouth Since the Invention of French Kissing!

Not Your Grandparents’ Oral Hygiene

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You just sprayed ZiiNGLES into your mouth, and you’ve swished it around for a full 15 to 20 seconds.

Immediately saliva starts to flow and… wait, oh wait a sec! What, what is that feeling? It’s ZiiNGLES working!

You have to experience it—no words can really convey the sensation of ZiiNGLES. You’ll know what we mean only when you try ZiiNGLES yourself: your mouth will feel pleasantly surprised by a somewhat startling, delightfully new sensation; one that’s not commonly experienced in our normal daily routine. In the science literature, it’s called a ‘vibratory chemesthetic sensation.’ We simply call it electro-luscious.

So what causes this electro-luscious sensation? The botanical formulation of ZiiNGLES includes bio-actives that stimulate nerve fiber receptors on the tongue and within the oral cavity. Activation of these receptors causes an exchange of charged ions between the inside and outside of the cell which, in turn, generates an electrical signal along the surface of the nerve cell fiber.Spilanthol Activation of Trigeminal and Facial Nerves

This electrical message is relayed along the nerve fibers and evokes a response from the trigeminal and facial nerves, which subsequently signal the salivary glands to produce and release saliva.

Along with a refreshing flow of saliva, the tingling zingy feeling of ZiiNGLES will be felt throughout your entire oral cavity. Your gums and, seemingly, even your teeth will feel brightly invigorated and sparkling clean.

We’ve made ZiiNGLES to solve the health issue of dry mouth and optimize your oral care, in a uniquely and powerfully botanical way. There is NO other product or formulation like ZiiNGLES on the market!

ZiiNGLES is akin to an old-school herbal elixir: everything is carefully considered towards enlivening your health, with an experience that is both pleasing AND highly effective—ZiiNGLES is formulated to give you delectable flavor, a fully mouth-watering experience, and a delightful mouth feel.

Sense ZiiNGLES’ vital difference. Love Your Mouth.


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