Dry Mouth: Xerostomia — More Than Simply an Annoyance

We’ve all experienced dry mouth at one time or another, whether from medications, ‘cotton mouth,’ a health condition, a therapeutic treatment, or simple dehydration. Or, we may have witnessed a loved one suffering from acute xerostomia (the medical term for dry mouth) during palliative care.

A conservative estimate of prevalence in the adult population is 20%, with over 40% of those 65 and older suffering from dry mouth.

When in full health, our mouth and throat are continuously moistened by salivary gland secretions. Along with keeping our mouth hydrated and feeling comfortable, saliva is vital for maintaining oral health: it’s essential for the prevention of bacterial overgrowth that can lead to plaque formation and dental caries; it provides lubrication of the mouth and throat to aid in swallowing; and it helps maintain mineralization of the teeth. Saliva also contains enzymes which initiate the digestion of food, and antibodies that help keep our immune system strong.

From the mildly annoying to the extremely painful, dry mouth is a notably undesirable condition with far-reaching, negative consequences for our entire well-being. Detrimental effects of chronic dry mouth can include:

Dry Mouth is Detrimental


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