Saliva and Optimal Oral Care

Sure it’s slimy, but saliva plays an essential role in our oral care and in our overall health, one which often goes unrecognized.

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You may not beware of this astounding fact — it’s a subject that people don’t often talk about — but your body produces from one to two liters of saliva every day!

Saliva is 99.5% water, with the remaining 0.5% comprised of important compounds that help maintain the healthy functioning of the entire body: enzymes & antibodies that help keep our immune system strong; electrolytes and antimicrobial compounds that are integral to our oral health; minerals like calcium and phosphate which reinforce the enamel of our teeth. There’s also immuno-proteins that police your mouth, fighting bacteria and coating teeth in a protective layer; epidermal growth factors, haptocorrin—a key protein that protects vitamin B12 from stomach acid during digestion, and—who knew? only discovered in 2006—opiorphin, an endogenous painkiller and naturally occurring antidepressant molecule!

Saliva — it’s nothing to spit at!

We’ve formulated ZiiNGLES with a powerful blend of sialogogue (saliva-inducing) herbs that reliably and rapidly moisturize your mouth by encouraging your body’s natural saliva production. ZiiNGLES also soothes your mouth with demulcent botanicals including slippery elm and marshmallow, and provides additional oral care protection with xylitol.

ZiiNGLES is mindfully made with organically cultivated and ethically wildcrafted herbs and is manufactured in the USA in an FDA-registered, GMP-certified facility. Vegan, gluten-free, GMO-free, sugar-free, kosher, and contains no artificial colors, flavors, fluoride, parabens or other chemicals.

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